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Best Bicep Workout To Get Big Biceps

To get big biceps you need to make sure you focus your bicep workout on training the different heads of the muscle.

The name biceps literally translates to “two heads”. The main biceps brachii muscle is split into the long head which forms the outer part of the muscle while the short head forms the inner part. On some very defined arms you can see the split down the middle of the muscle, separating both heads.  To get big biceps you need to make sure you focus your bicep workouts on both of these heads.

We asked expert trainer Paul Haslam how to best target the different parts of the bicep in one workout.  He says one of the best bicep workouts can be achieved by using the POF (Positions Of Flexion) method. POF training involves choosing 3 exercises for a body part. The first exercise must start with the body part in a stretched position, the second in a shortened position while the third starts from a neutral position.



INCLINE DUMB BELL CURL (3-4 sets x 8-10 reps)

Bicep Exercise description:

Incline Dumb Bell Curl (the elbow is behind the body placing the bicep under some stretch).

This also activates the long head quite well.

Start with palms facing each other and twist (supinate) as you curl. At the same time bring the elbows slightly forward. This technique will bring into play all the major actions (and muscle fibres) of the bicep muscle.


PREACHER CURL (Pyramid of 12, 10, 8 and 6 reps)

Bicep Exercise description:

Preacher Curl (the elbow is now in front of the body causing a shortening of the muscle).

The short head is now preferentially activated. Make sure you go through full range on this movement.

Perform a pyramid of 12, 10, 8 and 6 reps. On completion of the last heavy set, immediately reduce the weight by 30-40% and do another 6 reps.


BARBELL CURL (3 sets x 21 reps: 7,7,7)

Bicep Exercise description:

Barbell Curl (the elbow is now in line with the body, or in a neutral position). Both heads share the load in this exercise (which is why it is a mainstay of most bicep workouts).

To finish we are going to do 3 sets of 21’s (7 reps from the bottom to halfway, 7 reps from the top to halfway then 7 full repetitions). This will give you a sleeve filling pump to finish the workout.


If you like this bicep workout you can also try this POF bicep routine for some variation:

1. Opposing Pulley Cable Curl   2. Concentration Curl   3. Standing Dumb Bell Curl

After completing this best bicep workout refuel your muscles with supplements designed to build big strong muscle. Vitalstrength Pro-Muscle is a premium muscle building protein powder chosen by bodybuilders, fitness models, footballers and men training hard at the gym.

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    Love the info..I’m in fitness 47 yrs old already cut but hard gainer wanting more mass any tips

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