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5 Best Tricep Exercises For Building Mass

Want big guns?  Transform your triceps with these 5 Tricep Exercises for Mass to help you build bigger, stronger arms.

If you want strong, well-defined arms choosing the right tricep exercises for building mass needs to be your number one priority.  Your triceps are made up of 3 Tricep brachii heads: long – lateral – medial. Each of the tricep brachii heads have key rolls in all your pushing movements such as Bench Press, Standing Barbell Press and Dips.  Any pushing movement will engage your tricep muscle at some point.  Most guys training reguarly at the gym understand the importance of tricep exercises however the majority of people still prioritise their biceps over their triceps into their workouts.

Make sure you include these key tricep exercises to build bigger, stronger arms! Not only will you be able to build the arms you’ve always wanted but your tricep muscles should increase in strength as well as helping you with your “big lifts” especially in the lock-out phase.

Here are the 5 best tricep exercises for building massive, toned triceps by expert trainer Rafael David.



EZY BAR SKULLCRUSHERS (4 Sets x 6-8 Reps, Temp0 2-0-2-0, Rest: 90 sec)

Tricep Exercises for mass description:

1. Lying on a flat bench with your body and feet planted and secure and with your arms extended above your head holding onto the ezy bar in a narrow grip which is inline with your head.

2. Keep your elbows in position and arms stable, lower the bar until it reaches your forehead or you can stretch past your hairline. – don’t change your elbow angle.

3. Focus on your elbows, engage your triceps and extend the bar back to the starting position.

*Tip: Once you reach the top of each rep, don’t fully lock your elbows out, keep the tension on the muscle by stoping just short of lock out. You should always feel your triceps working on the eccentric and concentric part of the movement. In fact this rule should apply to any tricep exercise!


V-BAR PUSHDOWNS (4 Sets x 10-12 Reps, Tempo: 3-0-2-0, Rest: 90 sec)

Tricep Exercises for mass description:

1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, lean slightly forward and place your elbows a little forward.

2. Keep your elbows in position and pushdown on the bar with your triceps, without changing your elbow angles and until your triceps are fully extended and flexed.

3. Control and release the movement back up to the starting position – resist and don’t just let go completely!

*Tip: On the concentric part of the movement, place your knuckles down and hold for 1 second then slowly release up. – Think squeeze!


OVERHEAD DUMBBELL EXTENSIONS (4 Sets x 10-15 Reps, Tempo: 2-0-2-0, Rest: 90 sec)

Tricep Exercises for mass description::

1. Sit on a flat bench or rest your back on a bar of a bench press. Grab a DB and place your hands like a star for grip above your head.

2. Start with your arms in a straight position and release with you arms while keeping your elbows in place keeping the DB close to your body. – focus on your triceps lowering.

3. Once you reach back as far as you can, squeeze your triceps and return back to the starting position – control this movement back up.

*Tip: Elbows can come a little like a V at the bottom on the movement.


DIPS (4 Sets x 15-20 Reps, Tempo: 2-0-2-0, Rest 120 sec)

Tricep Exercises for mass description:

1. Start with your hands either side of you suspended on the bars.

2. Lower yourself slowly into the bars, while keeping your elbows inline of your body – more narrow, more tricep.

3. Once you’ve reached as far as you can go, then push out of the movement using only your triceps without engaging your chest.

*Tip: Position your body and hands a little more narrower then usual on the bar, tuck your chin in slightly and look down.


STANDING TRICEP EXTENSION (SMITH MACHINE) (5 Sets x 15-20 Reps, Tempo: 3-0-3-0, Rest 120 sec)

Tricep Exercises for mass description:

1. Stand infront of a smith machine with the bar inline or just below your chest place your hands in a narrow grip similar to ezy bar skullcrushers. The more upright you stand the easier the load and the more lower and closer you stand the harder the arms will have to work.

2. Slowly lower yourself to the bar so your head reaches the bar, or you can stretch even further so the bar is behind your head.

3. Once fully stretch push-away from the bar to your starting position – keep your elbows inline the whole time!

*Tip: Focus and control the triceps through this whole movement. Slowly lower yourself past the bar, hold the stretch don’t switch of your triceps at all, then think pushing and squeezing away with only your triceps – Do not rush this movement at all.

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